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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Herbal Medicine!

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1. Reduced side effects

Because herbal medicines are natural, the body often responds favorably to them. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with prescription medications. By replacing a prescription drug with a natural one, patients can slowly reduce or even eliminate the number of prescription-related side effects experienced on a daily basis.

2. Increased savings

Prescription medications are expensive. Herbal medicine is often cheaper to produce because the medications are made from bountiful and easy-to-produce natural resources. A lower production cost often equates to a lower retail cost.

In addition to helping patients save money on the upfront costs of medications, herbal remedies also help teach individuals how to manage conditions and develop the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent illness and promote self-healing. Individuals can use this knowledge to lead healthier lifestyles and, hopefully, prevent very costly chronic conditions — which often come with sky-high medical bills, prescription costs and time off work — from developing in the future.

3. Self-healing

Prescription drugs are often designed to mask symptoms and not necessarily cure the underlying condition. Herbal medicine, on the other hand, may forces individuals to listen to what the body is saying and to target the source of pain or discomfort. With assistance from a medical professional who works specifically in alternative medicine, a patient may get on the path to better health sooner than expected.

4. Empowerment

For many, the use of herbal medicine is more about taking control of personal health than anything else. A good natural healer will educate individuals about what the body needs and how to keep it healthy. The healer will not just hand a patient a prescription to hide the pain.

5. Improved overall health

Natural medicines come with several notable health benefits. For starters, natural cures often aim to identify and eradicate illness rather than suppress the symptoms. This approach is more likely to result in improved health than the use of pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, because herbal medicine contains vitamins, antibodies and other health-promoting agents, it serves to strengthen the overall body and not just combat illness. As a result, a person who chooses natural remedies versus prescription medications may be better able to fight infections than those who rely on Big Pharma.

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